Crowdfunding is a form of financing that is characterized by a large number of backers. The backers, the so-called ‘crowd’, usually give rather smaller amounts to the future founders to implement an innovative idea.

In addition, a crowdfunding campaign is a valuable marketing tool and is also ideally suited as a proof of concept, since the type of funding requires convincing a larger group of people, who are usually also the target group of the new company to be founded.

To support students, research assistants and female employees of the universities in Rhineland-Palatinate who are interested in founding a company to realize their projects and ideas via crowdfunding, the IDEENWALD Crowdfunding Network for Rhineland-Pfalz & Saarland was initiated by the Kaiserslautern Startup Office. In cooperation with the startup offices of both states, a dedicated crowdfunding platform (as a regional branch of Startnext) was opened, on which crowdfunding campaigns from both states are presented.

Additionally, potential founders can be advised about the possibilities of crowdfunding and regular workshops on crowdfunding are held through which interested parties are qualified for their campaign.

The IDEENWALD crowdfunding platform can be found at the following link: Inquiries can be sent to: or directly to the contact person in Kaiserslautern Bernhard Lorig: