The startup office of the University of Koblenz-Landau is a central player in the establishment and expansion of a sustainable startup culture at the University of Koblenz-Landau. The focus is on services or offers in the context of entrepreneurial and innovation-related thinking and acting primarily for university members interested in starting a business, i.e. students, employees, professors and alumni in the pre-startup phase.

The main tasks of the startup office are in particular:

Sensitizing for the Startup thematic for all status groups. We happily join your events and present the startup office and our work. You can find us at trade fairs, first semester and open day events. We can also organize an one-hour presentation around the topic ‘business startup’.

Qualification for entrepreneurial and innovation-related thinking and acting. For this purpose, the startup office offers (online) seminars and workshops on special startup topics, such as business plan, business model canvas or financing, often in cooperation with internal or external partners. In addition, we also advertise events of our network partners.

Consulting and coaching in the pre-founding phase. Bring your startup idea, outline or business plan and we will provide you with individual information on the topic and accompany you in the first phases of your startup project. We can also help with the development of ideas or business models. In particular, we support and accompany the application process within the framework of the EXIST funding program (EXIST Startup Grant and Research Transfer).

Networking of players and institutions. Networking is very important to us, and we have excellent networks both within the university and externally. Internal partners cooperate with us thus we can offer targeted events for specific groups, such as women in science or PhD students. Externally, we have regional, national and international contacts; especially the regional contacts are important for the startup teams from the university regarding the topics of office space, financing and support in the first phase.