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GrüBaMa Team

Since October 2021, the aim of the pilot project Gründungsorientierte Verwertung von Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten (GrüBaMa) (Foundation-oriented utilisation of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses) has been to elicit the potential and the measures necessary for this in order to increase the utilisation opportunities of Bachelor’s and Master’s theses by expanding them to include a foundation-oriented perspective.

In order to achieve the project goal, in addition to the analysis and sensitisation, a partially digitalised methodology is to be developed, which will be used in the future across all departments and institutions at the universities in Rhineland-Palatinate.

The research focuses on the question “How can an approach look like that increases the potential of a foundation-oriented utilisation of bachelor’s and master’s theses?”

We offer an open consultation hour for all students and, of course, supervisors! Here you can get more information about the project and valuable tips and tricks for writing a foundation-oriented Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis.

EVERY Thursday from 12:00 – 13:00 we are available online for your questions. The necessary link is available after registration via e-mail to:

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